Toronto TikToker Shared Videos Of Her Breakup Online & Millions Watched Their Last Goodbye

The 5-year relationship ended in a now-viral video.

Toronto Staff Writer

Bridgette Vong. Right; Bridgette Vong and her partner saying goodbye.

A Toronto Tiktoker catapulted to social media fame after vlogging the intimate moments of her breakup.

Breakups are hard and oftentimes painful, but sometimes there is a silver lining to sharing your life online.

Bridgette Vong, a 24-year-old social media and influencer marketing specialist, took to TikTok to document the end of her five-year relationship with her former boyfriend (from their very last talk to their final hug) and the videos have now reached millions of people online.

Vong started vlogging parts of her life and relationship on TikTok in 2022 just for fun with a small following of mostly friends, but that all changed after one video of her and her ex went viral.


our final goodbye 💔… true love is helping me move into my new place #breakuptiktok #breakupadvice #breakups #healingtiktok #healingjourney #goodbyesarehard #surivivalmode #selflovejourney #longtermrelationship #sadtok

"I never really expected or planned to have it blow up," Vong told Narcity. "I was a really tiny creator. I think I had like 200 followers at the time."

Vong's ex helped her move into her new Toronto apartment after four years of living together in Kitchener and even rented the U-Haul to move her things.

Her viral video captured them surrounded by boxes and sharing a tearful embrace during their "final goodbye" in July 2022 in her new apartment, and it currently has over 13 million views.

While most people may not think to set up a camera during a breakup, Vong said it had just become a normal part of her relationship.


Building a life over 4 years together has been the greatest privilege of my life. But i will come out stronger and happier after truly focusing on myself. #breakuptiktok #breakupadvice #survivialmode #healingtiktok #selflovejourney

She said that it was just the way her "marketing brain" worked and that she really treated TikTok like a diary.

"I was creating TikToks already for my tiny channel. I had just started to log in diary entries, almost of these little sad moments of my five-year relationship ending honestly for myself and my friends really."


Life changes fast 💔 but time will heal me. #breakuptiktok #healingtiktok #selflovejourney #sadtok #breakuptok #selflove #breakupadvice

Vong said she ended up gaining 15K to 20K followers from the video– all eager to tag along for her "healing girl era" and break up content.

Vong was "shocked" by how viral the video went and how many people were inspired to share their own breakup stories in her comments and connect.

"Can't stop crying. Been watching this vid for 30 mins now…" commented one viewer on the video.

Another TikTok account commented, "I'm about to come out as gay to my fiancee, who is a woman, and I'm taking this as a sign I'm doing the right thing."

Several other videos of her breakup racked up millions of views, from their last conversations to her personal thoughts after the relationship ended.

Now that Vong has some distance from the breakup, she recognizes how "raw" her content really was throughout the process.


today is a hard one besties…. this is a reminder to acknowledge letting go is a good thing. trying to practice this myself today #healingprocess #breakupstory #healingtiktok #breakupadvice #selflovejourney #healingtrauma

"Looking back now, I understand how raw of a moment that would be to be posting online. But I think when you're in this like blurred breakup heartbreak phase, you're not really thinking."

Vong may not have intended to go viral, but the video had a dramatic impact on her online life and gave her the platform to create content.

"I'm very thankful that my partner and I ended on such amazing notes, and it concluded so mature and wonderful, and it gave me this crazy platform that is something I've always wanted."

Vong's channel has grown to over 50K followers since her video went viral last summer, and she's transitioned out of her breakup content into sharing authentic moments of her life in Toronto, working two jobs.

Her followers can look forward to more raw content, whether it be dating updates on Hinge to what she spends in a month living in Toronto.

Looking forward to her future Vong says it is a "dream" of hers to be a full-time content creator.

"It's definitely a crazy ambitious goal, and it's an unstable income. But it would be amazing if people followed my journey because they liked me, and it was just like this very authentic transition into this transformation of my life."

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Brooke Houghton
Toronto Staff Writer
Brooke Houghton is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Ontario Desk focused on celebrity news and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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