A TikToker Travelled To The 'World's Most Boring City' & People Aren't Shocked It's In Ontario

They were mostly commenting about the cold...😫.

Toronto Staff Writer

Eric Struk arriving in the city. Right: The Tiktoker wandering around.

A TikToker , Eric Struk, proved he's not afraid of a little controversy this week after posting a video where he travelled to the "world's most boring city," and it's right in the heart of Ontario.

In the TikTok video, Struk claims that he was inspired to travel to Ottawa after discovering through Google that people had rated it "the most boring city in Canada."

He might not be wrong. According to SmarterTravel , Ottawa was rated one of the most boring cities in the world.

"When I was doing research and figuring out what to do, there was literally nothing. For example, some of the top results was go to the beach, go to the mall and other basic things," Struk explains .


I Travelled To The WORLD'S MOST BORING City✈️

During the full video on YouTube , Struk explores the city's downtown core, which at times seems deserted, and struggles to find people who can recommend him something fun to do.

Judging by the TikTok video's comment section , few were shocked that Canada's most boring spot is located in Ontario. However, plenty were taken aback by Struk's declaration that minus ten is "freezing."

"Everything after he said freezing -10 is irrelevant.." wrote one user.

"'Freezing -10' got me laughing bro 💀 -10 is almost summer 🤣🤣" added another.

"I love how people can go somewhere in Canada in the middle of the winter and get surprised when it's cold," reads one sarcastic comment.

I Travelled To Canada's Most BORING City www.youtube.com

Other users, several of whom claimed to be locals, seemed in total agreement with the internet's claims about their city.

"I live here and this is facts," declared one commenter.

"Ottawa resident ✋🏼 this is correct. It's boring. And freezing," added another.

"And we like it that way. we outsource the fun," joked one user.

It wasn't all negative, though. Some people did come to the city's defence, citing its safety and natural beauty.

"Not the most boring. Been there several times and it never gets old. Beautiful," a commenter protested.

"Ottawa is the safest major city in Canada and consistently voted the best place to raise a family," added another.

Overall, people's opinion on whether Ottawa is the most boring place in the country seems pretty split. So, anyone looking for hard data will just have to visit and decide for themselves!

Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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