Micah Of 'Love Is Blind' Explained The Pool Scene With Kwame & She's Just 'Flirty'

She said nothing changed when she saw Kwame.

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Micah from Season 4 of Love Is Blind is clearing up any false speculation about what appeared to be a flirty scene between her and another contestant on the show.

The 27-year-old marketing manager says she stood by her decision to be with Paul, even after seeing Kwame for the first time in Mexico.

Micah had a strong connection in the pods with Kwame initially, but in the end, she broke it off with him and got engaged to Paul.

However, in Mexico, Micah and Kwame got to meet in person for the first time and their conversation may have given off the wrong idea to some viewers.

"The moment I chose Paul in the pods, I was Paul all the way," Micah told Narcity.

"Nothing was changed from seeing Kwame, or spending time with him in person."

At the end of episode 4, we see Micah and Kwame talking one-on-one about their connection in the pods, hugging and Kwame touching Micah's hand to fix her engagement ring.

"I think, you know, how I communicate with people is very flirty, and maybe like touchy. That's just how I am," Micah stated.

"I was just happy to see that he was happy."

Love Is Blinds Micah & Kwame Talk Mexico Pool Scene & Tiffany Spills On Falling Asleep In The Pods www.youtube.com

Kwame expressed similar sentiments when he was asked about that moment on the show.

He said everyone got the opportunity to form a "deep bond" with other people in the pods and feelings don't just go away instantly.

"We had just gotten out of the pods, things are still fresh. So for a little bit in your mind you're, you know, still trying to sever that depth of a bond that you created with this person. So it can definitely come off flirtatious," he said in his interview with Narcity.

"I think we handled it the right way."

While the two of them talked by the pool on the show, Kwame's fiancée Chelsea watched the conversation from the sidelines and got visibly upset.

In the end, rather than confront them, she stormed off.

In episode 5, Kwame and Chelsea talk about what happened at the pool and Chelsea point blankly asked her fiancé if he would rather be with Micah.

"No. Not for a second. I'm right where I need to be (...) and I don't doubt that for a moment," Kwame told her.

Chelsea then advised him to "let go" of his connection with Micah and "walk away into the life that you're gonna have."

Chelsea and Kwame discussing his conversation with Micah in Episode 5 of 'Love Is Blind.' Chelsea and Kwame discussing his conversation with Micah in Episode 5 of 'Love Is Blind.' Courtesy of Netflix.

Looking back, Chelsea understands there was closure that needed to happen between Micah and Kwame.

"I wasn't entirely sure what, you know what had to be said for him. But I did know in my heart that they had a connection, I think we're multifaceted people. That is completely okay," the 31-year-old pediatric speech-language pathologist said.

"Kwame had to go through his vetting process and I respected his process on the show.

Chelsea continued by saying she knows she had a reaction in that moment, but it's "not in her character" to interject.

"I was going to let them have their conversation and Kwame and I could talk about it later. I think it's appropriate for people to you know have closure and have conversations where they need to happen," she explained.

The Love Is Blind contestant also acknowledged that there was a lot going on around her during the scene as well.

"There's lights, there's cameras, there's Mexico, there's tequila, there's guacamole, there's everything going on."

Episodes 1-5 of Love Is Blind Season 4 are available on Netflix.

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Associate Editor, Global
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