'Love Is Blind' Fans Are Blasting Irina As 'Despicable' & Her Business Is Getting Roasted

"Karma is knocking on the door."

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Irina Solomonova on Love Is Blind, Season 4. Right: Irina Solomonova in a promo video for her business.

Netflix's Love Is Blind has had its fair share of villains over the years, but fans are arguing that one Season 4 cast member might be the most "despicable" yet after pulling several "mean girl" moves on the show.

That "villain" is Irina Solomonova, who teams up with fellow contestant Micah Lussier to roast other women and game some of the men in the first batch of Love Is Blind episodes on Netflix.

Fans of the show have been blasting Solomonova on every social media platform since the season debuted on Friday. They've also been warning potential clients to stay away from her Seattle-area business, especially after seeing how she treats people behind their backs.

"Irina's business caption says 'come sit with us' but her personality is literally 'you can't sit with us,'" observed one fan on Reddit .

"Karma is knocking on the door," wrote another user. "Can't wait to see her business fail."

What is Irina's business from Love Is Blind?

Irina Solomonova is identified on Love Is Blind as a "business owner," and her social media account says she's the founder of an event-planning business called Solo Collective.

Solomonova posted a promotional video in mid-March to announce that she just rebranded and renamed the Seattle-based company.

"We believe that sharing a table with others is not only a way to enjoy a delicious meal, but it is also an opportunity to connect and build relationships," her post reads.

Love Is Blind fans have been blasting Solomonova in the comments and warning potential customers to stay away after watching her "mean girl" attitude on the show.

"After seeing who you really are, I'd have no faith at all in you planning an event and it being the best," reads one comment on her rebrand post.

"Anyone planning on supporting this business needs to consider the owner and her behavior," reads the top comment on the same post. "So sad to see someone bullying another person for fun or out of jealousy."

Others also questioned how Solomonova might treat the people she works with.

"If I were a client of yours, I could never trust that you wouldn’t be talking crap about me to your other clients," reads one comment. "Shame on you."

"Mean girls never win," reads another comment on her personal Instagram .

The first five episodes of Love Is Blind show Solomonova and Lussier laughing at and occasionally bullying other women during the blind-date phase of the show.

At one point, Solomonova can be seen sneaking up on a crying contestant to listen in on her conversation while giggling and smirking back at Lussier.

"This is one of the most despicable things to have happened on the show," reads one Reddit post about that moment.

"Sadistic and sociopathic behaviour," added another person in the comments. "I can't believe she is a grown-a** adult behaving with such callousness. Despicable."


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Solomonova can also be seen taking shots at fellow contestant Bliss Poureetezadi in the pods as the two of them compete for a proposal from contestant Zack Goytowski. Solomonova ultimately gets that proposal, then tells Goytowski he "[looks] like something out of a cartoon" at their first meeting. The two of them seem just about done with each other at the end of the fifth episode.

"Irina basically wanted the free trip to Mexico," wrote one critic on the Love Is Blind Instagram account, where many fans have been tearing into the contestant.

"Her childhood should make her less likely to 'mean girl' others," observed someone else in a comment about Solomonova's struggle with her acne scars.

"I can't stand watching Irina and Micah," the user added. "Cast genuine authentic people."

We'll have to wait and see what happens with Solomonova on the show and in the real world, especially now that potential clients have a window into what she's like.

Solomonova had not addressed the backlash against her on either her personal or professional accounts as of Tuesday afternoon, although she did limit comments to hide what others have said.

The first batch of Love Is Blind episodes are available now on Netflix , with more episodes dropping each Friday until the finale on April 14.

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