A DoorDasher Was Paid $2.50 For A $1,300 Order & People Are Roasting The App For Unfair Wages

It was 83 pizzas! 🍕

Florida Associate Editor

The receipt for the pizza place. Right: The 83 pizza boxes ordered.

DoorDash is getting roasted for how they pay their delivery drivers . A Florida woman revealed on TikTok that she was paid $2.50 for an order receipt over $1,300.

The Orlando driver ( @twylasworldd ) was doing what she thought was an average task on the job , and when she arrived at the pizzeria, she was in for quite the surprise. She was assigned to deliver 83 pizzas and people in her comments are replying that DoorDash didn't compensate her properly.

She accepted the delivery because it was only four miles away, but she had no idea what the order was until she showed up, and the pizzeria staff couldn't believe she was there alone. However, she fit the boxes in her car and was on her way.

The customer's order was $1,392.21 with a 5% discount making the total $1,326.67.

The TikToker accepted the job on the app for $7, but if you scroll to the end of the video, you can see the "DoorDash pay" was only $2.50. The customer tipped her $50, making the total $52.50 not $57.

Under the total, there's a note from DoorDash that read, "total is higher than the $7 shown on acceptance," so it seems they took away their auto-generated driver fees because of a larger tip.


@musclemaddie97 The time i accepted an order and thought i was getting a pizza or two, not 83! #doordash #pizzadelivery #deliverygirlstories #twylasworldd #fyp#viral

People sounded off in her comment section blaming the app for unfair wages:

"DoorDash was only going to pay you $2.50 for that order?"

"I would have canceled the order."

"The bigger issue is DoorDash offering $7 for a $1,200 order."

One person told her she should call them for a fair adjustment because it seems like a catering order.

People also were roasting the customers for tipping her under 10% and saying that they were so "entitled." A 10% tip would have been $132 with their added discount.

The creator went back on Tiktok on March 27 and uploaded screenshots of orders for all the times she felt wrongly paid by DoorDash.


@doordash needs to do better!! And i still need my top dasher they played me on!!!

Someone replied that "as a driver, that's a scam."

Narcity reached out to DoorDash requesting for comment, but they have not immediately replied.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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