British Tourists Visited Cracker Barrel For The First Time & It Was Like 'Summer Camp'

"This is very Southern, isn't it?"

Texas Staff Writer

The couple in rocking chairs outside of Cracker Barrel. Right: A man holding a giant Hershey's Kiss at Cracker Barrel.

Americans are spoiled with many restaurants that people from other countries don't have, including the well-known homestyle restaurant Cracker Barrel .

The country store-themed eatery isn't your average spot. With an iconic gift shop and southern comfort food, this place can make for quite a jarring experience for first-timers.

Recently, British siblings TikTokers Kate and Alex ( @thiswiththem ) visited a Florida location during a road trip through the United States and found themselves to be quite amazed by what you can get at the wondrous restaurant.


We’ve waited a long time for this!! Our first time visiting a Cracker Barrel!! 😀 Are you a Cracker Barrel fan? Follow along for part 2! #crackerbarrel #florida #britishpeopletry #usroadtrip #crackerbarreltiktok @Cracker Barrel

Straightaway, as they walk up, Alex comments that he did not "expect it to be so themed."

However, Cracker Barrel's 665 locations across America are complete with that cozy Southern U.S. feel shown throughout the homey decor straight out of grandma's house, the Country Store's massive boutique section, the comfort food all over the menu, and the army of rocking chairs outside.

The Brits were in awe of the unique knickknacks and household essentials offered in the shop, including giant rice crispy treats and Hershey's Kisses, retro sodas and candies, and Cracker Barrel-themed cooking pans.

When it came to the food, they were as impressed with just about everything on the menu, including that heavenly all-day breakfast.


Our FIRST time at CRACKER BARREL PART TWO! Exploring the menu! Whats your go to order? #crackerbarrel #usroadtrip #britishpeopletry #florida @Cracker Barrel

"This is very southern, isn't it?" Kate asks as she looks through the menu with items like meatloaf, fried chicken, and a baked sweet potato loaded with brown sugar, cinnamon butter, toasted marshmallows, butter pecan syrup, and candied pecans.

Kate also admitted she didn't expect to see alcohol offered, but nevertheless, there is an array of beers, wines, mimosas, and other cocktails you can order with your Cracker Barrel meal.

Both British tourists tried an iconic Southern appetizer fave, fried pickles, for the very first time and said they were "incredible."


Our first time at Cracked Barrell PART THREE! Think its safe to say we need to head back and try some mains! We’ve absolutely loved everything so far 😍😍 Have you tried the carrots and ranch? @Cracker Barrel #crackerbarrel #crackerbarreltiktok #usa #usroadtrip #britishpeopletry #firsttime #ranch

Each TikTok clip received nearly 600K views and thousands of comments, mainly from Americans enjoying visitors from other countries appreciating our iconic establishments.

"I love watching people that aren't from America experiencing and enjoying things here," a person commented.

The clips made others realize that not everyone has access to the comfort foods we know all too well here in America.

"Always baffles my mind when I realize that there are people who have never had the food I grew up eating," another TikToker wrote.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
Brittany Cristiano is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on viral TikToks, and trending local characters in the Southern United States. She is based in Houston, Texas.
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