An Amazon Driver Delivered A Package During A Police Standoff & He Deserves A Raise

"Now that's what you call AMAZON PRIME."

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An Amazon package delivered to house. Right: The Amazon driver delivering a package during a police standoff.

An Amazon delivery driver didn't let anything get in his way of delivering a package, including a police standoff.

A TikTok video showing the driver trying to make his delivery has gotten millions of views and has shocked many people with his determination to get the package into the hands of the customer.

The TikTok video posted by the page @mlktrk679 shows a man in an Amazon vest holding a package and walking past what looks like 11 police cruisers.

"Amazon hard at work in the midst of a standoff," the person behind the camera says.

"He's gonna deliver his package. I don't give a f*ck. Go Amazon!"

The camera then pans to several first responders looking over at the Amazon driver before once again showing the man handing the Amazon package to an officer.

The video then shows the driver taking a picture after delivering the parcel, seemingly to confirm to the customer that it's been delivered.


Go #amazon

The video does not include any of the details around the actual police event, although the New York Post reports that it played out during a standoff in Cary, North Carolina.

The outlet also reports the delivery would've been made as SWAT team members were "engaged in a nearly 24-hour standoff with an armed suspect."

Local reports say that the standoff happened on February 22 and ended with a child being rescued and his captor dying. However, it's unclear if the delivery was made to the house involved or just to another house nearby.

Despite the tough circumstances of the police incident, many were shocked to see the Amazon driver sticking to his duties. The TikTok video has received over 7 million views and many reaction since it was posted.

"Jeff Bezos, give your employees a raise," one person said, while another joked, "More scared of Jeff Bezos than getting taken out."

"Someone going for Employee of the Month," another person commented.

"Now, that's what you call AMAZON PRIME," another TikTok user wrote.

Another person, who implies they worked as a delivery driver, says "if you didn't deliver all your packages you'd get in trouble."

Others suggested the driver deserves a better job because Amazon doesn't deserve him, while another person said Amazon should change its slogan to "rain, sleet, snow or standoff."

Amazon hasn't addressed the incident to date.

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Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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