A Woman Matched With Her Brother On Hinge & TikTokers Are Lining Up To Take Him Instead

"We are compatible in the sense we share the same parents..."

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The Hinge dating app on a phone. Right: The TikToker explaining how Hinge thinks she's compatible with her brother.

Online dating can be tough — so tough that one dating app went so far as to suggest two siblings should meet up.

A TikToker posted a video saying she recently decided to get back on Hinge to try it out again and was shocked when she found out her most compatible match was her brother.

TikToker Dani, who runs the account @danikravette, started out by saying she had deleted Hinge a week or so ago and was ready to get back out there. She then wanted to "vomit" when she realized that Hinge was trying to match her with her sibling.

In the video, Dani zooms out to show the profile of a man named Jordan before revealing he's her brother.

"Super cute, right? Yeah, it runs in the family," she jokingly says. "But I don't know if he's the one for me."

"I mean I guess we are compatible in the sense we share the same parents and like shelter growing up and like blood and DNA."


No simpatico

Dani ends her video by confirming her brother is single for any ladies who are interested, and boy are they ever!

Women have been lining up in the comments section asking Dani various questions like where Jordan lives and whether he's found anyone since the video went up.

"I wish I got most compatible with Jordan," one person wrote.

"First of all. Your brother is so cute... interested!" another TikToker commented.

Another person asked Dani to "tag" Jordan in the video.

While a lot of the comments were from women trying to get with Jordan, others just found the entire scenario hilarious.

"LMAO even hinge was like girl there's nothing out there have you tried family?" one person said.

" Game of Thrones home edition," another person noted.

"Most compatible for a blood transfusion maybe," another person stated.

Another TikTok user said the same thing used to happen to her and her brother all the time and she even mentioned it at his wedding.

In fact, it happens more often than you think.

Based on all the reaction Dani's TikTok is getting we're hoping she posts a follow-up video so we know if her brother ended up finding a match!

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Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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