A Food Truck's Suggested Tip Starts At 30% & People Are Fed Up With 'Guilt Tipping'

Some people are arguing that only servers deserve tips.

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A food truck. Right: A tip left with a bill.

The tipping debate is still going strong online, with one side arguing more people in the service industry deserve tips, while the other side is getting fed up over how demanding to customers the industry is getting.

A new post on Reddit has sparked another fiery conversation and this one has to do with the etiquette around tipping when ordering from a food truck.

The conversation around the topic was sparked in the comment section of a post about tipping on the subreddit / Mildly Infuriating .

The original Reddit post was about a CNN article with the headline: "why customers are giving less tips despite more places asking for them" and the Redditor insinuated the reason why people are tipping less is because of how much more demanding the tipping culture has gotten in recent years.

Under the post, a commenter shared their own experience of when they had to draw the line in a situation where they felt that the tip request was too demanding.

"A sandwich truck in my town truck had a tip screen that started at 30% so I stopped going," the person wrote and their comment received over 10,200 likes. "The sandwiches were already $12.50 with no chips or drink."

Hundreds of others jumped in to add to the conversation and agreed with the commenter's disdain for the tipping demands.

One person wrote, "I don't get this like I'm paying you for a sandwich and then I leave. The cost of the sandwich should include labour. I haven't even tasted it and idk (I don't know) if it's good. Why should I tip anything? If you're not making enough from the food, charge more."

Another person brought up an interesting point regarding tipping saying, "Only places I really tip are restaurants where the server is actually waiting on you."

"That's the only place it makes sense to tip," wrote another user in agreement with the comment above. "Tipping is inappropriate elsewhere. I tried tipping a pharmacist once and she refused the tip. I was genuinely tipping because she helped me and she still said no."

Others in the comment section pointed out that tipping culture is only really a thing in North America.

"It doesn’t make sense to tip a server. It’s just normalized in the USA. But, it’s not normal in most other countries," wrote one commenter.

"So, it’s really not normal. We should be asking, why isn’t the owner properly paying their staff? What is going on here?"

The debate around tipping is only getting hotter as the culture around it keeps evolving, and now that the minimum tip seems to only be getting higher over time, people are starting to grow way more frustrated about the whole thing.

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Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
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